We’ll jam someday..

It must’ve been some uneventful afternoon before those hot summer days when I first met you

Somewhere in the randomness of your life’s dramas

Who knows, you probably don’t remember.. But that day was infinitely burnt into my mind and after tonight shall be reborn each day anew

Like a phoenix.. You were always reborn from ashes the night before

I’d hear the fights every night… While heading to sleep, before turning out the light. Feeling comfortable in my pajamas…now there’s only silence..

For a moment I’d become brave, and forget my passive garments. Maybe I could do something I said… Then I’d sigh.. lay down, defeated in vain. Hearing the pain in your argumentative voice.. Yes I felt that pain… And the echo of his voice before I dozed off.. “you’re nothing but a ungrateful good for nothing son!” He would say…

And then morning would come. I’d get ready for work. You’d ask me if I’d like a nip or two. I’d say no thanks, you’d call me “a pussy,” but you were always crass like that and we loved you anyways. And deep down.. we knew we wouldn’t have you for that long, no, people like you are never understood and never fully appreciated by the people around them until it’s too late

You’d have this look on your face sometimes.. like you were ready to take on the world that day, you were happy, you were smiling, you were the Phoenix.

I still remember hearing the news.
My eyes filled with tears and I almost choked.
They said you made a noose..
Maybe it’s not true maybe it’s just a joke, that’s what I’m gonna believe to get through the pain for these days until I see you sleeping through my cloudy eyes my friend…

The unrest that was inside you

May it be released and may you breathe once more

The fire that you breathed out..

May it be quenched like boredom by the beer we downed on that hot summer day on the beach

May you rest in peace and may we meet again some day,

I’ll be ready this time. With guitar in hand.

I can’t now, but I promise you, we’ll play again and once more and without a care in the world we’ll be a band

I’ll never forget you, this town will never forget you, we’ll jam someday…we’ll jam